Love is love, it’s not forever

Go away and no more troubles,
I want live a life like others
You had never understood,
You are fox, but I am wolf.

I am proud, you know meaning,
No more chance and no more feelings
My spent time for you was fault,
The relations were default..

It is good that I realized,
From the time had analyzed
All the things that you can do,
If you getting know the true.

Love is love, it’s not forever,
May be I won’t see it never
It is breaking our wishes,
It has start and it has finish

Now let’s go higher to sky,
Where you like to spend your time,
Seriously I don’t know,
How you can remain alone..

Now it’s dark, there are more clouds,
You are thrown from my reminds,
A volcano blows in me,
It made pain, but I am free!

I am not finishing song,
It is just a pause too long,
I want say to you some more,
It will rise little my score:

First is thing that I was right,
Can be sure, I didn’t lie
All my words were from soul,
And this song is also so

Yes I was in love with you,
All these years, it is true
From that camp, from that first dance,
I haven’t forgot your face.

Second are the memories,
It is hard to do erase,
Like a page of copybook,
In my dreams I see your look

So it’s all that I want say,
Thank you that you push to play,
This bad song that I prepared
For the best girl known whenever.

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