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I love men…
I hate men!
God, please soften my Soul's agony?!
My life is nothing but a long and unbreakable pain …

Do I feel safe
When I am arround them?
Maybe safe from people
but not from myself!

I am damned to silence,
I am damned to suppress my heart's thurst
with a full glass of poison.

Oh! What artists they are
in making us suffering!

With such terrible passion
they take those things
that are dear to us;
and then
just vanish in their own world
happy that they've picked up
another sample for their collection!

And now I'm asking myself
How dare I love them!?
but stop… I need them so much!
And I wonder again:
How dare I hate them?!

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    Superbbbbb !!!!!!!!!
    kiar foarte bine zis :)
    bravo autorului

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  • de katy

    e misto ca stii engleza, dar oricum, slab textul. un 7 stingaci ptr efort.


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