Try walking in my shoes

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morning has a pleasant smell/ the air is damp and dense as a breath of winter/ I go / my steps are not on parallel lines/ so I think/ I wanted very much a guitar after I saw a poster with harry poter with a black and white electronic guitar/ i had 14 when/ I was thinking that I will break my fingers with such a hobby/ not for girls
I’ll let my hair grow long/ hair reminds me of willows who let their hairstyles in water while Nistru was growing/ not so long
when I left I let the door open/ it also refers to my heart/ don’t tell anyone
the entrance into government is a door that seems to airport duty free to join or start up in australia „do you have arms trafficking toxic substances animals? "I smile 'oh, no, sir”
“Come on, run”
tonight I was talking in English when I was sleeping/ only with you I speak in English david/ do you really dreamed me / what i say?
august/ leaves are still green shoes are reposed in closet/ September equals with the start/ Try walking in my shoes/ about depeche mode/ letters on roads your arms huge bell with me some headphones in ears I hum some silly songs/ I was crying today I could not stop/ you'll ever know why/
someone call at the door/ doesn’t know that is opened/ be careful now/ here is a point.

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