I watched her fade and wallow away
I watched her drift and sink
I watched her dive and never return
I watched you leave and never come back

Give me freedom, so you give me hell
You left me alone in a stupid prison cell
The therapist, she what, you think she helped me?
She only provided the space to realize and see

Oh yes, I met some other people
Who had the same problems that I had
Abuse, Bullies and alone in this world
Because they lost their stupid dad

And so, we planned and executed
It worked out well, won't you say
Our revenge was well thought out
I wanted to kill somebody that day
When she left us

The four horsemen, that's what we'd be
Turned out we were all flipping crazy
They hit, they laughed and they ridiculed
So we thought, why not revenge

Yes, I'm crazy and I miss you deeply
I loved the way you tucked me into bed
Well now I know you love me deeply
Because you were there for me, even when I thought it was the end

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