There goes the gelosy...

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There goes the gelosy in those blue,wide eyes,
That want me near,That want me dry.
I’m sorry ma’am I’m too reserved
Thousands eyes – ask me to serve
I’m too romantic and too young
How could I have just one,not all?!

For charming eyes and crazy smile;
I have my dreames to sacrifice?
Wet,gentle chins,red shaking lips-
It all gets storming in my conciousness.

What am I ?A lost romantic.
Sure you(guys)could see me as an addict
But I’m not sick,I’m just inlove!
Inlove with life and all it has.

I see the shadows in their eyes
The hurtful secrets in disguise
They can smile and make it work
Until it all becomes:”What for?”

That’s why we artists have it well
Cause we can act but just don’t care.
I know you say „No time to spare...”
But all I hear’s” No balls to dare!”

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