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Alone again,
Unwanted, unneeded, never loved,
Rejected, forgotten, never left alone,
Never given liberty, always used,
Chained up, inprisoned, but rejected,
Heartbroken, and then filled with lies.

Emotionless, yet still alone,
Emotionate, no more...
This lonelyness is killing,
This friendship's bringing pain.

Blood is boiling, heart is screaming,
Soul is crying, body's freezing,
Lonelyness is killing, no wonder no one cares,
This world is cold and cruel...

While humans die, their memory goes on,
Yet it's forgotten, lost and scared away.
There are others now, they cary other memories.

Remember Death, remember hell and heaven,
Was it that bad among their plains?
There's nothing worse than life,
You get rejected anyway.

You better die,
Again! again!
Untill they tire to revive
Your petty soul,
Untill they understand that,
You have had enough,
Of lonelyness,
Of pain,
Of torture...

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