Circular Nihilism

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We began our paths from nothing,
And as nothing we shall end them.
We pass through the world laughing,
But crying are we at the end?
No, we just smile awaiting termination...
The new generation gets confused by us,
in it's determination...
To them we're just an old person on the bus,
A sang and forgotten incantation...

Once we die, nobody will be there,
to remember us by...
Our children's children from their kids,
will not remember their old grandpa...
Forget they will to tell them who he were,
forget they will themselves...
Impossible is nothing, but nothing survives,
after the end...

The end is beautiful that way, it's that, what makes us,
From nothing we've appeared, and nothing we'll become,
Anihilation is our fate, no memories to sum.
But there it is again, a newer circle has begun,
Another worthless, pointless re-run...

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