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And so we've met again, for the last time, at 11 pm.
On the bench in the old park,
We would stare eachother in the eyes,
And morbidly hope for decay in empires.
We seak to kill the kings, and burn their tools,
And let the people know they're all fools.
We read eachother's thaughts, and memories flood our minds.
But it is pointless now, you see, we've both lost the sacred keys
To open up eachother's hearts, all we have now's a broken bottle on the ground...
The broken glass is shattered on the floor because of Death's embrace.
The dead don't love us anymore, and we're tormented by the gore,
We need blood to survive, the blood of humans that we dispise.
We can not love, not anymore,
But the world would love to slit our throats,
To put an end to our lifefull deaths.
Wether we die now or we do not,
This park is our last resort.

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