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Some time ago I've slamed my mind into a cannon,
And shot it all the way to mars, now it's orbiting the planet.

Many times i've tryed to get it, but my mind just will not cease,
It's now held there, on the orbit, by the gravitational disease.

I know now why my mind's so sick, and why it won't just leave,
The ice-white skin, the crimson canals on the planet's sleeve.

And mars' face, so misterious and strange, it calls unwillingly,
While storms, change it's look, so fast and seemingly...

The planet's aura has a strange sum, it cannot ignore no one,
And again, it makes a hum, you sence it when she's about to come.

One day I'll get myself behind bars, parhaps because i'll ride hot cars,
And even when my days'll be nubered, my mind will always be near mars.

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