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The birds are drifting through the air,
Just like we're drifting through our lifes,
It's simple to them, they don't care,
Neither do we, as we spread lies...
Their lifes are black, yet they are free,
They fly for dawn, and all is that they see,
We are enslaved but we don't know,
That our future doesn't grow,
We live in vein, we don't give life,
We're just another boul of rise,
That the birds feed upon with greed,
And as they strive, they repeat that
They are free, and we are not,
And we must stay in that same slot,
That gives them life, that shuts their hunger...
They say they're free, but they are not,
For without us, their feeding slot,
They can't survive,
It means they're a part of us,
Not otherwise...!

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