Only you

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Now I stay and thinkig of you
All my thouhts youn had stollen
I'm confuse between lie and true
Between your love your coldness.

Why you are so far away from me
And why I can't forgot those days
Tell me what you want from me
And don't play with me games.

You called me preety barve kid
And I called you too nice Hellen
You love me maybe liltle bid
But I love you my sweatest pain.

When I fristly lookjed at you
I sad I must know it closly
I didn't knew what I have to do
I've want to make mine my only.

I'm going down my body is dieing
And only you your love can save me
My soul my yies and heart is crying
My saver only you can be.

Only you can save from death
My tired soul and body
Only You can make me health
Just you not anybody.

If you want I can show you from step to step the sex
But you don't be so angry stay quiet and relax
I can be for you like a gift from gods
Your only preety kid your lovely preety fox.

4 Comentarii

  • Avatar of aliasde alias

    Ai cam multe greseli gramaticale,cred ca erai mai mult interesat in rima decat in sensul versului,dragostea asta e mare,se intelege insa sensul cam nu prea se leaga. no offense.:)

  • de Gaspaccio

    e ok nu ma supar cind cineva ma corecteaza numai ca tu nu mai corectat ci doar miai spus ca undeva am gresit

  • Avatar of star77de star77

    "Undeva am gresit"??? Unde nu ai gresit?
    can't forgot
    didn't knew
    I've want
    Chiar ti-a fost lene sa mai rasfoiesti dictionarul?
    Lucky you're not one of my students!

  • de Gaspaccio

    Esti profa de engleza:)

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