Life's lesson...

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I can tell U this, you are not unique.
U can be bad, evil without a heart
That's easy thing, simple as that
Hard it is to be good, noble and kind
To have to suffer, bcoz others don't give a damn
To forgive, although U wanna hate
To forget although the images remain in ur mind
So of this, U can be sure, it's a proven fact
U'll find a lot like U and worse
They'll come across ur path, U won't even see
They'll play U around, fool U a lot
In the end, life will teach U and U'll see
One day, others will do to U, what YOU! did to me
And then, U'll trully taste my pain
U'll feel how it's like, U'll say it's not fair
But really, that will be ur reward, ur payment
For the things U did, things YOU! didn't care for
For the tears I shed and drops of blood I bled.

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  • Avatar of Black_dahliade Black_dahlia

    "For the tears I shed and drops of blood I bled."- It's a killer! and it sounds like a lyric of BFMV.
    Some verses were used U too much though...i understand its value as in style and composure , but that's again MHO.
    Good job .

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