The stairs, Silversun Pickups, you

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I stumbled,
Rolled down…
The stairs.
That hurt.
I blushed at myself,
Afterwards, slapped my both cheeks to get a grip.
They reddened, now I looked healthy.
I howled inside like a wolf,
And suddenly felt powerful.
Gee, weirdo.
While Silversun Pickups was entertaining my ear,
I thought of the last text I got from you.
*is sad*-that’s all I remember.
As I saw you waiting for me at the entrance of the park,
The pain came back…
That hurt.

7 Comentarii

  • de parfenon

    mai reciteste o data - O seama de cuvite de Grig.Ureche.

  • Avatar of Black_dahliade Black_dahlia

    Ok ill do that :)

  • de Nika

    mai controleaza sunetul.

  • Avatar of fenixonude fenixonu

    That hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar of Black_dahliade Black_dahlia

    Omg..*looks around scared* what to do ?lol

  • de MickyMouse

    The feelings you felt was amazing, but control the sentences better... so far so amazing...

  • Avatar of Black_dahliade Black_dahlia

    I know...the poem does not really have a structure, it is a mix of thoughts and feelings and it is very different from my other writings.
    I wrote it ... and now i find it weird , lol.

    Thank you !:)

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