One dream

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Hei! It’s snowing…
from a beautiful sky
I’m walking and looking for your house
I found it! I think is one of those…
So I’m waiting for tonight.

The sky is crying with white tears…
on my face
I’m going blindly close to you,
I waited so long… that’s true,
I’m getting closer… just me… nobody else!

I saw your door was open…
so I’m in
But don’t wake up just sleep in quite!
I’m alone and I will switch the light,
Nobody’s here, just me – your dream!

Eye on eye we’re looking…
is no other way!
I’m the queen of your body now,
Just fallow me and I will show how
To be closer and make important every day.

Here is the magic world…
where we belong
No matter if we’re not together,
When I’m with you, everything is better
Is this the best way or something wrong?

Don’t look, don’t move…
just take my open hand!
Close your eyes and don’t be afraid
That’s the feeling that we made
In all this time that we have spend…

Do you feel my lips?
is calling now your name
A lot of ceaseless throbs I have inside,
Your thinker eyes are reading now my mind
So I’m asking you: “Do you feel the same?”

“You are just my friend…
or something more?”
And now I see your wonderful smile
It’s around and burn me like a fire
And all I see is just a closed door…

Is this a real story?
but hasn’t any mercy,
And all my mind is now on welter
I know that faith can make everything better
But I believe that love makes everything easy.

I’m stronger now…
and save me God from all!!!
So could you kill me? Or kill my lonely heart?
Wont you try one day to be on my part?
Just kill my body and take my empty soul!

And now alike a butterfly
I’m moving around you
Look up to the window, it’s a beautiful sunrise,
And I feel the light with my opened green eyes,
The world is same, but nothing what you think is true…

It’s early morning…
I should leave right now your house
Still you can hear my heart, I’m near to your face
And I don’t want to go, coz here’s my place,
But I will leave you coz I stayed here few hours.

I’m running out of house…
it’s still snowing!!!
What means all that things for a man?
Maybe I will never be your dream again,
Who knows? …
And time is going…

4 Comentarii

  • Avatar of anothermede anotherme

    It's just a little long (in my opinion), it's much better the romanian one!...

  • Avatar of suride suri

    I like it, but English is not your mother tongue, I suppose, the poem is really beautiful

  • Avatar of Alin85de Alin85

    Fuck the length and fuck the language, the only thing you said is in the begining and in the end "it`s snowing".
    What`s in betwen seems like some lines from cheep movies.
    Excuse the language !

  • de SOLEDAD

    thanks :)

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