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I want to go down in the fog...
Don't be afraid to take my hand
Let's stay together in this storm
I won't leave you 'cause you're my friend
The abyss in this place is deep,
But i will fall inside with you
Without you i can hardly breathe
Nothing is everything i can do
I threw myself in hands of fate,
And i had paid for all my faults..
For being here with you, my friend
Don't set me free but let me go..!

2 Comentarii

  • de oberinde

    Sounds nice, but still, some ...regretful mistakes.
    Nothing is everything i can do-What do you mean by that?!
    In the hands of fate, don't forget about the article
    I had paid-well, sound better if u use Present perfect- i have paid..
    My best wishes, Ovidiu.

  • Avatar of FelineHeartde FelineHeart

    Thank you!

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