The result of my sick fantasy :D

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What did I do to be punished this way?
‘Cause you are just all I’m dreaming of
Please don’t leave me, I want you to stay
I’ll fight for your love, I’ll never give up
I hate all the guys who are staring at you
I don’t like to see you being so excited
When they kiss your body, itis painful
And I’ll be just all that you wanted

Please don’t look at me just like this,
‘Cause you are always driving me crazy
All I want tonight is to suck your lips
It’s lesbian love and I feel so amazing :D

The result of my sick fantasy :D nothing more)

2 Comentarii

  • de oberinde

    Lesbian love? Me like it! May i too?

  • Avatar of FelineHeartde FelineHeart

    Oooh, i'm straight :D
    that's just a fantasy

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