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The stones are whispering through time
Their shapes are like thousands books,
But who can read and feel and live?
The Hero of old is lost in darkness,
The Light in gone, the Sun is black…

A distant cry in lonely woods is fading
The trees are hungry, their roots are broken,
But who can talk and walk and smile?
The Queen is dead like rose in winter,
The Love is hate, the Life is fate.

The crystal rivers flow like seconds
The noise of world, the peace of nature,
But who can drink and taste and rest?
The Child of man is naked beauty,
The Joy is sorrow, the Years are curse.

The flame is dimming like pale star
The frost of past is hunting future,
But who can run and hide and sleep?
The God of heaven is nameless cross,
The Hope is fear, the Dreams are true…

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  • Avatar of FeliciaMde FeliciaM

    Ceea ce m-a impresionat este versul 3 din fiecare cvinariu !!
    Frumos scris !!!

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