When I need you

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The ruby-red sunset knocked on my door
And pierced trough my heart with a spear of fright.
Some splashy dark shadows play tricks on the floor,
That’s when
I still need you at night.

I quietly murmur some faltering words
And try to perceive your thin ghostly touch.
The distance brought me a bevy of birds
To sing now that
I need you much.

My soul is a desert—so thorny and dry,
The spirit floats weekly like waves in the sea,
I’m trying to smile, but my eyes still cry,
This time
I do need you with me.

My blood runs like fire through veins when you’re close
And boils with pleasure—so hot and divine.
I’d never wake up from this magical doze,
Don’t go so quickly,
I need you this time.

Passion dictates me to sip from your kiss
The most sweet desire and then we’ll endeavor
To make love on clouds with calmness and peace.
I need you my love,
Truly, forever .

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