Yellow polka dots

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I think I’d better go to sleep
Then listen to your yell.
It’s been long since I have broken it,
But you still can’t forgive.
I wake up and go to sleep
And everytime-the same look on your face.
I think you will never accept
That people are not perfect.
I decided to look prettier today-
To put on your favourite dress,
you know,the violet one,
With yellow polka dots.
You didn’t seem to be different,
Again yelled at me.
So,what now?
Yes,I have broken it.
I have broken the fragile glass sphere.
How did I know that it held
your insides?
Oh,they took me out.For a walk.
They don’t believe that
the girl in the mirror hates me.(that you hate me.)
And for that they burn my brains.
At least,the sky looks the same
Through the window of the asylum.

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  • Avatar of hellotoallde hellotoall

    eu undeca asa fi adaugat: "get the fuc*k off!"
    nice. imi place cind molodvenii scriu in engleza. este rima, nu ca la engleji... )))))))))

  • Avatar of star77de star77

    Nice turn, the final. Good luck!

  • Avatar of fenixonude fenixonu

    go to sleep!!!

  • Avatar of ClayofHopede ClayofHope

    Va multumesc mult pentru aprecierea dvoastra si pentru incurajari.Conteaza mult pentru mine.

  • Avatar of castorulde castorul

    I don't know why... But after reading your text I wanted to watch again the movie
    "One flew over cuckoo's nest"

  • Avatar of ClayofHopede ClayofHope

    I was sure you would want to do something like that!Or,at least,finally read"The bell jar"!!!

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