The Vampire Diaries

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My heart is burning like a fire
I fell in love with a vampire
And now my life's on the line
My soul and mind are full of sin
I look so calm in his ice eyes
I trus him and all his lies
I'm charmed by his magnific voice
He is my prince, my perfect choice
I'm not afraid and i'm not scared
He is so nice i can't forget him
But i'm not sure what's tempting him
My voice my blood my skin?
What shall i do with my desire
I fell in love with a vampire
It's dangerous i can feel pain
But it's so hard to stay away
I'm all alone in this deep darkness
What can i do i'm so hopeless?
He is my drug is my obsession
Is what i want is the perfection
My life was fake but now is real
So unsafe, i can become the meal
But i don't care i live my moment
I want to be like him i want it
Come here my love take me with you
I trust you really ofcourse i do
My road to hell is this sweet love
But feelings always are above...

6 Comentarii

  • Avatar of William-Blakede William-Blake

    Foarte frumos!!!! super!!! cool!!! Beton!

  • Avatar of sylviade sylvia

    impresii dupa vizionarea unui film :)

  • Avatar of sylviade sylvia

    ps: mai este si ultimul vers :"but feelings always are above" am uitat sa il scriu :)

  • Avatar of BogdanCde BogdanC

    orice sursa de inspiratie e valida.. e fain :)

  • Avatar of sylviade sylvia

    da sigur ...merci

  • Avatar of InnaGde InnaG

    I felt this once...such kind of love...but you managed to feel it your poem...very cool

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