Gentle skin

This bitter fear will take you away
Your lips can sing no more
The sweetest lullaby
For the rose you hold in your heart
So tears will increase your despair

Let me read your thoughts and questions
I want to feel their venom on my lips
Let me take away this thirst
You can never mind if this taste will make
Some more scars on my gentle skin..

The sweet veil of melodies is covering my face
Today it will hide me from all of my sorrows
The lights of the day are drowned in reflections
Of a dying pain’s last breath…
Of a dear heart which misses your embrace

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  • Avatar of FelineHeartde FelineHeart

    thank you fenix)

  • Avatar of tina_gde tina_g

    I like the can tell that it's authentic.
    Also, very coherent!

  • Avatar of FelineHeartde FelineHeart

    thanks ;)

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