Love is a dream

Love is nothing
It's just a dream
Just a dream we won't wake up from.
It takes a lot to be inlove,
To keep that love, to feed that love.
But it takes so little to lose it.
Just a word, just a lack of action, just a lack of involvement, Just a lack of good luck.

4 Comentarii

  • de Fifi

    Mai e si in realitate, da' nustiu cand...

  • Avatar of Tudor93de Tudor93

    Nu stiu, n-am vazut

  • Avatar of anothermede anotherme

    The involvement - the key word.
    (Thanks to God it's not longer... I'm not a master of english)

  • Avatar of Tudor93de Tudor93

    Yeah, involvement is probably the key part in a relationship ;) Too bad sometimes we do not realize it

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