Dedicaţie :(

Her eyes are staring into the sky
Nobody knows that she wants to fly
To find a place where she will be loved
‘Cause she is alone in this scary night
She tries to fix herself, but it’s useless
This world broke her too fast and cruel
She wishes she was never so helpless
And that she hided her soul and nobody knew.

Before the night’s gentle veil fell on her
She was silently crying the tears of despair
Now her sweet shadow fades, she’s going away
In a place where Lord will hear her prayer..
She never was able to break up the curse
Her life turned into grey, and it got much worse
After the fake loving hearts left her forever…
‘Cause an Angel and demons cannot live together.

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  • Avatar of tanissde taniss

    an Angel and demons cannot live together - foarte frumos, place

  • Avatar of FelineHeartde FelineHeart

    merci, taniss

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