The Ghost of me

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Throw me down from the sky. What are you waiting for?
Watch my body being hit by the sharpest mountains,
The wind will pour my blood in the rivers and fountains.
Then you shall go home and nail down your door.
Don’t forget to lock up your windows
And burn everything, which reminds you of me
Try not to sleep, ‘cause I will come in your dreams
I will live in your mind and reflect in your mirrors.
I will come to you as a woman and a little kid
And I won’t leave until I see you scream and cry
I want to see the same pain in your eyes
Maybe then you will think of me as much as I did

3 Comentarii

  • Avatar of MdlinaGde MdlinaG

    E superba poezia!

  • Avatar of FelineHeartde FelineHeart

    Multumesc mult :)

  • Avatar of FataMorganade FataMorgana


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