What links J-pop, Carlsberg & Wikipedia..

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A.S.: I'm sorry for the misunderstandings that might occur after you'll read my mustardpiece//

Do U know the smell of nthn??
! was pretty f0kced aft4' a rathha exhaustin party..
wizh dr!nks, f(_)n, gr4$$..
Aw0q3 n3xxt day with nvzble hol3s inn ma head..
thogkin mozquitos..
born deaf.. with several diformities including congenital smarty-pants syndrome..
was doomed to die in the pink tomb of my th(_)ckin indolence..
a week of ideological starvation.. combined with the
sniffin of political coke.. hmm
white powder makes me banter..
well-hidden in a old meme.. I solely exist
4 delivering pain 2 (_)nwanted ones..
and makin' the life of the chosen Brighta'
I mumble..
..No Woman No Cry
because Marley is a legend..
and ! j(_)$7 a creepy mhubbaf0cca willing to survive and hmm..
SaVe DA world !!!
peace out..

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    Do use present tense after "after". See if clause... It took me some time to read several times, before getting the hint. Mai lasa betiile, castore, ca vine primavara si tre' sa iesi din vizuina, padurea asteapta noi forte de munca... :)

  • Avatar of ClayofHopede ClayofHope

    Definately agree with star77!!!

  • Avatar of ClayofHopede ClayofHope

    From "just drinking" to abuse to becoming dependent there is not that much...

  • Avatar of castorulde castorul

    ma apuc di poezie..............................

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