Sweet Goddess

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You, the Charming One, who's watching us
I want you just to hear the desires
Of broken hearts and fallen Empires
And wipe the tears of the Universe.
Come upon my soul and set it free
I can't pick up it's pieces on my own
There's nobody who can see my sorrow
I want to cure my soul, they give me pills.
I'm lost among the forgotten people
That's 'cause we're sharing the same pain.
These people don't exist. They're in my head
I beg you, make them always sleeping.
Sweet goddess, come upon my kingdom!
Now I can't guide it any longer.
I'm not the queen. I'm just a soldier.
I was wounded in a war with myself.
And you're the only one, my guardian,
Who can remove the bruises and the scars.
Your blessing makes me closer to the stars.
Please, let me hide inside your gardens...

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