A common dream

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Dear my zero, minus, plus,
Who makes me waltz when our paths cross,
My ups, my downs, all in between,
On you, somehow, I am still keen.

You are a sunset… no! A sunrise!
For this year, a good surprise.
An endless summer’s winter dream
And ginger tea when I can’t scream.

Me? Your Jack, a cat, St Nick,
Filled with sorrow when you’re sick.
See many worlds with me you will
For you and I, both, need to chill.

We’ll work, we’ll laugh and likely cry
We’ll dream the future in the sky
And when that’s done and we are free
Together leaving hope we'll be.

But anyhow, let’s end this song
'tis many quarter-steps too long.
And let me sum it up somewhat …
Even if ending in a rut,
The beach, the stars, the mountains too,
Best dream - forever shared with you.

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  • Avatar of pisica_de_aleede pisica_de_alee

    the first and the second stanzas are very fun to read, and extremely creative :)
    i enjoyed reading this, thanks for posting

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