Traducerea poeziei "Singuratate" de M. Eminescu

With the curtains drawn together
At my desk I'm standing calm
Fire's flickering in fireplace
And I keep my thoughts in palm

Swarms of dreams go through my mind.
Sweet illusions, recollections
Sing, as crickets in the night
In the walls of black affection

Or they fall, heavy and comfort
And break down in my sad soul,
As the candle wax is dropping
At the Jesus' feet of coal

In the corners of the chamber
Spiders waved the weightful web
And through piles of books are walking
Mice, as stealthy as an ebb

In this sweet and quiet silence
Lifting my gaze at the roof
I am listening mise crushing
Covered books somewhere aloof

Oh! how often had I wanted
To give up to lyre song
And to put an end to poems
And to desert I belong

But at that time mice and crickets
With a finely, quiet gait
Give me back the melancholy
Which becomes the verse of fate.

Sometimes, although, very seldom
Later, when the lamp's alight
When I hear how clamp is ringing
Heart is beating in delight:

This is She. The empty house
Suddenly becomes so full
She's an icon of te heavens
In my life which is so cruel.

And I'm envious on the era
How does it endure to flow
When I whisper to my darling
Words of love, and kiss her slow.

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