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Another cold night is touching me...
My body is keeping freeze,
I can not feel it anymore
The moment of peace is driving me free.
I am alone,the dark is calling me
To open the door,
I am afraid to leave those lies
Dreaming inside...,
My soul is tired of cry is empty to ignore.
The heart is sick of wishes and fights
Why should believe i?
I am just a star - exactly crushed,
What have i done with my life hush...
Ive became shadow through the nights...
My best is darkness,that is sleeping inside.
I was a leave, green passionate , in love,
I fall across the rocks and die...
Only my soul till now is asking: why?

© Copyright: Карина Жимбей, 2012
Свидетельство о публикации №112012606963

5 Comentarii

  • Avatar of karincikde karincik

    merci mult :) (credca in cele mai komplicate momente simtit ceea ce am scris ...)

  • de cecik

    Foarte frumoasa...foarte..

  • Avatar of karincikde karincik

    merci mult (cecik ) .... ))))

  • Avatar of AmandaErhande AmandaErhan

    Una din preferatele mele poezii in engleza de pe acest site

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