The orphaned lily

In foster soil fettered, drenched
with fear of fading, the lily waves
in pompous insignificance and weedy gossip
its petals kissed by accidental dew

Reduced to just a stain provoking
the omniscient wilderness
eclipsed in distressful abeyance
the white crouches in subliminal defeat

The once mind numbing fragrance
pervades the stiffened air aborting awe
poor lily having lost the way to rise a smile
shakes off the immaculate tatters

Slender nakedness crucified on vines
with hammers of indifference,
effusive wounds comfort the nails
the pretty flower becomes contingent of rust –

the sadness of a bending shadow
cast by elegance in the untactful sun
a rude stain on the morrow of remembrance
when things refuse to be remembered

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