Old piano, old memories…

I feel like a desert flower before the rain:
So week, so innocent and so afraid,
The weather’s waving me with mock disdain,
While thundering clouds roll up my pain.

I feel my rain of tears disappear as they fall,
Heavy beat of thoughts around me stroll;
Trying to forget you in the air of November -
My mind makes an everlasting breath to remember…

Softly in the dusk, music fills the air,
Wind picks up and whips through my hair;
My ears long to hear the old piano sound,
That unlocks my feelings, fall and die around…

Your fingers play the pain like a black disease,
Swimming across the sea of black and white keys,
Music fades to a whisper yelling so strong:
“Love was too short and forgetting takes so long”…

My heart flows with desire, my breath flows like smoke,
Your notes of praise tell me it was more than a joke;
Keys beneath your fingers fall, and call, and beck,
But the stormy arms wrap tightly around my neck!

My pain becomes stronger with every finger hitting a key,
As shifting sand moved by heavy howling sea,
I lay down on the cold floor, memories float in my mind
Tears kill my breast, feelings are completely blind!

Like a dried up old rock, I’m broken into white and black,
Random bits of memories floating, running back;
What beauty you can give with no words to purvey!
I’ll learn how to play that old piano, someday!!!

Surrounding shadows, giving love or hate?
Herald of death, autumn of loss, stroke of fate!

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