To the Helper

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Just broken thoughts,
vibrating fragments of my soul;
and you, Ocean, my only confident.
I wonder how many
put their most intimate thoughts and questions
at your keeping?
How many, if any, found their answers
walking by your side?
The broken helix of my thoughts…
Could I find the missing pieces here, at your heart?
Maybe in the spraying of your waves?
- volatile vibrations, impossible to catch.
Oh, this pain… my broken soul…
A cry of a motherless child!
Ocean, I beg you, spill your waters
and contain the burning fire of my heart.
I know you want to ease my torment,
your waves gently stroking my ankles…
then, shy away!
Another wave, one more embrace and you are now
contaminated with my internal fury;
the one no one can see!
It’s yours now and
wave after wave are hitting my knees, my waist, and higher!
I stand- waters are reaching my shoulders.
Yes, I want to join you ! Take me,
it’s so tempting, I want to!
But I stand; I make no move…

All of a sudden I feel a hand, gently pulling me out.
” Don’t worry, we’ll still be here when it’ll all be calm!”

I barely voice two words:
“Thank you”
A bit disappointed, I admit,
But mainly grateful!

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