My best friend is me

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When i was cutted in pieces - you celebrated;
When i was destroyed - you were excited;

When i was hiding - you followed me;
When i was sad - you laughed on me;

When i was bleeding - you salted and peppered;
When i was white and clear - you was checkered;

When i was alone - you were with somebody;
When i was alive - you made me feel nobody;

When i was in trouble - you ignored me;
When i was special - you used me;

When i was loyal - you betrayed me;
When i was running - you threatened me;

When i was hurt - you were satisfied;
When you played me - you were proud;

When i believed your lies - you were confident;
When i compromise - you were just for rent;

When i was wasted - you was high...;
When i was drowning - you never cried;

When i craved you - you locked the door;
When i was yours - you searched for more;

When i couldn't breathe - you left me with no air;
When i couldn't eat - you never really cared;

When i was supporting - you sold me out:
When i was for you - you was a blurry cloud;

When i was trying to get up - you showed up;
When i closed my eyes - you were caught up;

When you shot me down - you did it again...and again;
When i was sunshine - you kept to complain;

When i was kind - you was cruel;
When i was light - you was fool;

When i was open – you poisoned me;
When i was sweet – you was rude with me;

I never loved the pain...and i can't blame,
But you and me, are not the same.

So don't be surprised to see me strong and happy. Being strong and happy is not about showing the teeth, is about being in peace with yourself. I have the universe in my soul, that's why i am strong and happy, that's why i am unbreakable.

yesterday i was a painter, today i am a writer, and tomorrow...i let "the tomorrow" dream about "tomorrow"...


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    mulţumesc Galiniia

  • de bigdwarf

    Bad English...

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    tradu tu), corecteaza daca vrei)

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