Moldova is my home (I love Moldova)

Moldova is a garden
Of green and shaded lanes,
A song to awaken flowers!
To fresh blood in our veins!

Moldova is a dance
In fragrant lavender fields,
A white dress that smells
The rain, in aromatic bliss!

Moldova is a charm,
Blowing gently in the breeze;
A sky with visible stars,
Carrying scents of hope and dreams!

Moldova is a rainbow
In vibrant hues of purplish-pink;
Painted in million colours,
Written down in scented ink!

Moldova is a dove,
Lost in a field full of grain!
Easy to hurt, yet easy to love,
Turning tears into drops of rain!

My dress still smells of lavender,
Perfume that reminds me of home!
And one day – in Moldova-
I will return! And no longer roam!

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