Fusion of notes

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So I sit here alone, on this piano bench.
My heart weeps for the past, in a dusty wrench.
My fingers are ready to play, ready to tease!
These ivory and these tidy ebony keys.

I softly press the notes, not hitting them at all.
The gostly pain is now threatening to fall.
A solitary tear trickle down my cheek!
In this empty room, so gloomy and bleak.

So I sit here, engrossed by weeping sound.
Fluttering keys bounce up and down.
Fusion of notes crack from the winter cold!
Blowing dreams we used to share and hold.

Dust sinks in my bones, caught in my gown.
All the memories of us are bitterly drown.
Rhythmic tunes try to sooth my pain!
Nothing’s left but silence, but complain.

Black and white keys placed in front of me.
Make my heart moan with bitter melody.
The seeds of our love still ring in my heart!
It was a short breath destined to forever last.

Ludmila Bulgari

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