My best friend

My best friend tell what you did
My best friend tell me what I did?
Will you keep inside so much?
Our story was happy much...
But it ended so tragically,
It failed so unfairly!
My best friend tell why that?
What I did to deserve death?
You've stapped me from behind
Right in my heart!
I ended up heartless and lonley,
I'm not anymore friendly and lovely.
My best friend tell me 
Are you done?
Why you strangle me 'till when I'm done?
Tell me dear honestly
Did you ever loved me tenderly?
Did you mean it "I love you"?
Or was it just "I'll break you"?

My best friend tell me what I've done?!
I gave so much
So much I lost!
Your blue eyes like the skies
Had been taught by them how to betray! 
And here in agony as I lay
They teach you now how to lie! 
 My best friend tell me what I did...
 Why did you stap me
 Did I deserve?!

But don't laugh, no more I trust
I know you're sad, I saw your heart. 
Tell me dear how is it
When you know you've lost me
Or you didn't perceive?
My dear tell me  do you see
How I laugh like crazy but I am lonely?
My dear tell me do you see
How many people are around me and I'm lonley?

Don't cry so much
No more I trust!
Don't show me you're sorry
That's fucked up!
My trust you've lost, no more I trust
I lost far away my huge heart.

My best friend tell me what you did?
To loose your friend was it worth it?...
Was it worth it so many tears?
So many lies behind our teeths!
So many excuses to hide the guilt!
So much struggle,
So much loose!
But that's too late...
We're no more us...

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  • de FancyKiller

    Super , imi place foarte mult ! :)

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