Holder of hands

My courage has ran away from me
And it's  nowhere to be found
They're happy, they're rising
While I'm here falling, I am crying
For on my heart is such a burden
Everything got so hard all of a sudden
My hands are cold
My hands you can't hold
For it hurts when you touch my wound
I've forgot to talk
My legs go numb and I can't walk
My bones burn
I don't think I can make a run
Please don't leave me alone
I have no more
Ideas how to wash the red marks on my skin
How to erase all my sins
One day I will pay
One day I'll have a worse day
That you won't be there I am afraid
My hands so full of wounds
I'm deaf, I hear no sounds
My breathing is getting slower
As my pain gets louder
Loneliness is sour
I can't survive these lonley hours
If you touch my open wound
I'll dare not to make a sound
While on the inside I will burn
'Cause even untouched it goddamn hurts
Physical and mental pain
In my mind it's always rain
Emotional eternal pain
I've nothing more to say
For on my heart there's such a stone
It'll break just when I'm gone
Hold my hands, caress me
Because tonight I'm so lonely
I will scream in pain as you touch my scratches
I'll feel my hands like burning to ashes
It's my fate, it's inevitable
I act like I'm untouchable
But I cry so much when no one hugs me
Because tonight I'm just so lonely
I hear the thunder in my head
As I watch the senine starry sky
For in my head is such a storm
That blows away my shattered heart
And I wish I'd say I'm fine
But I don't like it to lie
This merciless hour washes all my plans
As I dream of a Holder of hands.

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