Ballad of the broken pianist

Behind the mountains and the trees
There's lying the black pianist. 
Listen his serenade my dear
His chipped heart falling to the ground. 

His dark ballade facing reality
With a bit of sweet fantasy
About a witch that couldn't
Ever love him. 

Damned heartbroken lover
With thoughts in the heart
And feelings in the head
He doesn't know how's that to be happy. 

Look at him again my dear
His eyes, my eyes
His grin, my grin
His tears, my tears
I am him...

You broke my heart
Sweetheart you did
You broke my left sanity
And messed up with it. 

Damn it my dear
Don't salt it with fear
I'll condiment it with just a little bit

Don't put the salt on my open wounds
You're playing with fire when I'm switching moods
My dear you don't know the Demon inside my mind
He's whispering in my ear
He tells me to sing you the blade of desperate
As you fall asleep with bloody tears

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