The Wolf and the Moon

Hello my dear
Take a seat
And let me tell you
What I've heard. 

I was in my room 
Next to my window
Oh such a dully and grey, 
Very grey day!

Then I heard that tap tap
In the window
I turned my head 
And there was tap tap. 

It was a small colorful bird
From a far away wonderland.
And no, not Alice's Wonderland,
There was no White Rabbit.

She told me 
"Oh dear, please let me in!
Such a wet, dully, grey day!
Will you have the heart
To let in a poor, wet bird?"

Of course I kindly accepted
And left her in.
"Of course, dear. 
How could I
Not let you inside?"

She looked around with a smile
Her colorful feathers shining in the light. 
"Why I thank you, my child!
You are so kind!

And I also can see
What beautiful art you did here!
If you're interested in legends and mythology
I can tell you a nice love story!"

I sat down nodding happily
And caressed her wet feathers gently. 
She started:
"Oh it was long, long time ago

I can't even remember 
How old was I
When my kind grandma
Told me the story for the first time!

She said that her grandmother told her too,
Whose grandmother told her like I do now to you
And whose grandmother also found from her grandma 
And so from whose grandma's name I couldn't tell you. 

They say that it was at the begging of time
When the moon lighted the night sky for the first time. 
Blinded by dark the white wolf looked up
His heart beating with such, such a great bump! 

There was she,
Ever so beautiful.
In all her grace
She was so dutiful!

Oh his blind, lifeless eyes
Finally could take back their sight!
Oh and what sight. 
His frozen heart
Melted down!

His fur stood to its end.
Her beauty had made him paralyze!
Her face's paleness 
Had brought him chills and killed the numbness!

All the wolves had sent her serenades
But he was too shy, paralyzed and fascinated!
The moon watched carelessly
They were all so boring and ordinary!

But oh, what's that? 
What's there white in the dark?
It's him! The white wolf
So beautiful, so mysterious! 

His golden eyes were so much frightening
Her icey heart was beating crazily!
Oh and how long they watched each other
Fascinated and paralyzed by each other.

And how long they stood like that
Motionless, silence was hard on their being
The wolf had broke the sickening silence
Singing a serenade

The moon was so much fascinated
By the mysterious knight in white armor
They were alike, beautiful albinos
Mysterious and cold dreamy loners. 

The two loners
Fell for each other.
They were so sweet,
Yet so distant lovers!

"Come here my dear, come down to me!
Loving like me, no one could be!" 
The wolf said to the Moon, 
Pleading for her eternal company. 

"They don't know me and don't know you!
But I do! You're white, I'm white
We are alike! 
Outcasts meant be caress each other, Forever!"

The wolf continued pleading the Moon. 
The Moon kept denying and said to the Wolf:
" My dear, you're lovely
And how much I want

To melt in your warm, oh so warm arms! 
But I am here
And you are there
And we both have our purpose on our places. 

You are down there to caress the others,
To protect them and be their model. 
I am up here to light the way of the loners
To watch over you and bring hope in the dark.

This will be my purpose for years, for decades
I'll be up here to light up the ways
And protect them all from the cold
So cold merciless darkness. 

I have to stay here. 
My dear, trust me. 
We all have a purpose in life and yours is
To stay where you are and give your life a purpose."

The wolf melancholy walked away
Obeying his beloved sayings. 
But that night was so cold and how much he wanted
To stay in her white arms. 

And so left to touch the sky,
He climbed the highest mountain. 
The Moon pleased him to gi back down but what followed
Was too quick to blink. 

All we know is that then the ailf became a star
And he sat on the sky next to his sweet heard. 
Since then the two, for years, for decades
Are lighting up your way in the darkness."

And this is, my dear, the lovely story. 
And now that I've told you
 I want you spread the word
 So there will be no one to not acknowledge

This lovely romance
And to learn a thing from this:
To love your lover with your entire heart
To fight for your love fearless against the cold 

And light up the ways of the loners
Like these two lovers 
Did for billions centuries
The wolf and the Moon,
The guides of the heartbroken.

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