She s known everywhere on Earth
I know her from the day I was birth
She s known anywhere in Greece
With her top songs of love or peace
She s known in all inner universes
With her magic voice bring hapiness
Alkistis is the golden voice lady
Her life she sings not for a penny
Alkistis is the beautiful smart woman
Her art is perfect no need be proven
As little girl Alkistis lived the history
Lived in the Sun of top humanity
She breath the air of Ancient Egipt
Saw the buldings that faraons edict
She smell the life as poor can be
Not in movies or shows but in reality
Alkistis then moved to her land Greece
And grow up with olives and oranges
Her looks turned into a lovely lady
Who sing by heart and her soul ready
For a top carier of musician steady
Beatiful face and eyes that cut the air
Beautiful body with exciting shapes
You fell vibrating all on music near
The heart of Ellada and it s braves
Alkistis is the voice of deep love
A woman can feel for her man one
Alkistis is the song of the life poor
A woman voice near her man at floor
Alkistis is the heart that many lost
In modern world dusty and frost
Alkistis is the wine of happy life
Near your children and good wife
Alkistis is the medicin of wounded
Who lost somebody closed grounded
Alkistis is the light of performance
Of hard sports and both romance
Imagine how the olimpic games
Can start without Alkistis voices
She has no one voice she has more
Of wind rain forest and of shore
You want to hear in dreams her voice
You desire all her songs no choice
Alkistis is the deepest vocal artist
Can make your skin vibrating twist
Can make your eyes cry like a fool
Can make you child from a man cool
A lady of music but a good familist
Beautiful smart but very modest
Sincere smiling faithfull and onest
I saw her in luxurious places singing
All were above their chairs astonishing
All were in other time and place
The time of gratitude and of grace
The place where only Alkistis have ace
I wonder how can she be so high
How can she be so perfect and why
Search in deep forest her angel and cry
When Alkistis means fly high in blue sky


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