MIXED BEE (Africanized Bee)

MIXED BEE (Africanized Bee)

Why I have been blind
Care you in my mind
With no beauties behind
Disable me hard to find
A white one not a kind
Of mixed rases behind
Gipsy with false name
Virgin without a shame
There is you I can blame
Feeling love you in vane
My soul was like a plane
Falling as by steel made
Stoped there in one time
Above earth and behind
Skies and hearts wine
Frozen dreams arrive
Killed love as a crime
You told me I am the one
And will not let me down
Played me like a scam
You look like peter pan
Told me you want a family
Made me loose all gravity
Now the other side of me
Hates you and sure will be
Perfect storm and than we
Both again will sing free
Our love or secret places
We visited quick races
Our nights bad dreams
With cried wet hot faces
Singing free laid in bed
Feeling love very mad
Deep fast and so strong
Our feelings be among
Body fights not very long
I knew you are not true
I passed hard through
Your lies and disgrace
But we reach in a place
Where your love dead
Your heart suspended
I see blood in your eyes
And a devil in disguise
Using a mouse as knife
Force me make you wife
If I do not respond these
And care you like priest
You killed me like a beast
From back dancing twist
Push in error every jurist
Knowing you a mixed rases
Dark and ugly top to bases
Dirty very bad all days
Chanel for you prays
No solution has for you
Gipsy smell is very true
Why you ve learn so much
To be a club escort such
Every laisy country girls
Excited with false pearls
Seen at talks or interviews
Bad voice same old news
Pretending be a shiny star
Not a common one you are
Leaving all like a bazar lady
No explain no ready steady
People looking you as freak
Having in her bottom a stick
No you are too much for me
Nightmare don t wanna see
Go in your mixed rases free
Want good wife no mixed bee

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