ADAMANTIA ( LIFe Between Earth And Skies )

ADAMANTIA ( LIFe Between Earth And Skies )

This antique brave nation Greece sometimes ago
Gave birth a lovely little girl as many of you know
Princess of them all sun rain earth skies and snow
Countess of air stars flowers and roads nobody go
Zeus named this special girl child Adamantia
Gave her bright beauty also secret of sinergia
Gave her keys of sports arts of the vocal music
Of human care disease and of medicine science
Afroditi blessed Adamantia to be sexy and chic
Always to be smart high fashion in convergence
Kratos made her beautiful legs you want to eat
Stroger than inox steel elastic impossible to beat
Her gracious arms are flying high as human wings
Adamantia is first to skies from earth nobody wins
Her beautiful shapes body in perfect equilibrium
Make crowds of citizens laugh or cry in delirium
Her eyes and smile expressions of inner grace
Make diseases of whole society fall in disgrace
I was the lucky boy with curly hair
Talented smart strong tall and fair
Who won Adamantia golden heart
Same beauty live legend of the art
Get her for LIFe wife mode smart
She kiss me always on every part
Kiss my curly hair or my eyes pair
When we make big love on chair
Kiss my entire body and my back
Feeling like fire feel like a steak
Have no escape in her flying arms
Round my body and caressing me
Must fly with her kissing her legs
Being as hot as Adamantia can be
Together we fly from skies to earth
Then back to skies we feel no hurt
Something Adamantia did all the LIFe
Now she do this with me as lovely wife
Being rhythmic gymnastics champion
Who is Adamantia husband who won
Who get her heart some years ago
Now hand in hand everywhere go
I won all her beauties and warmth
Her sporty body I breeze all days
Her sweet and spicy mouth and lips
Her deep true love nothing like this
With red flowers on her curly hair
I feel love with honor and proud
I feel her hot I feel the love cloud
I hear clear Adamantia love loud
We day by day fly to the skies
One perfect jump are our lives
Adamantia is my perfect wife
Loves me as edge cutting knife
Made me happiest man under our skies
See colored stars and colored dreams
Exploding in rhythmic parallel universes
I feel deep quiet color creation spaces
I see color red Adamantia wear on head
I see color green of field she above flies
I see color blue of ancient seas or skies
I feel color white Adamantia loves more
I feel her love as perfect wife LIFe shore
Even if white always will be not a color
Adamantia is always my perfect lover


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