LUCACI FLORENTIN - DER BANDUSTAN - EIN LAND 3 ( Huten Sie sich vor Ihrer Inkompetenz )

DER BANDUSTAN - EIN LAND 3 ( Huten Sie sich vor Ihrer Inkompetenz )

I know you have been waiting for your soul
A country 3 comic poem of big amplitude
Just like the joking Romanian from nature
He is sweet and a bit sour as well but cool
Mommy look at dirty beggar sit on that bin
Hungry sick who suffers from frost like a prophet
They did not teach us at school the alphabet
To be careful in life not to became like him
My dear boy he is a scholar beggar near
A scholar with a master and an engineer
Hit by this life by luck and by sorrow
How to know the ephemeral teacher
Until yesterday was grocery dispatcher
Daddy today at school my lady teacher
Asked me again I do not know how many times
Where you work where you go when morning comes
After coffee milk bread butter jam and other
My lovely girl I worked in the train place
At 3 o clock I woke up washing my face
I washed the wagons I tell you first time
To learn was too much I could not
I was just as good as I could but
I wrote lying complaints files to my friend
As promised in my written commitment
With false or none proves to the president
At the monastery I was running to do justice
I wrote entire books all green and dry lies
Those people were even arrested in practice
That s what I did every day I always wrote files
I do not care about them just about my head
Nobody did not fire me I got prizes lay in bed
And your mother was pregnant with you
That was all work that I could do
A man of good from God I did Hell
Once so good 1 man I poured well
That afternoon with the money I got
I was in town and I bought you a lot
Shoes dresses and 1 baby big bed
I felt like no one I was humble instead
I saw blood stains on the white bed
Teeth removed with pliers under the iron
I saw tears on the clean napkin my God
You to be well I was inner encouraged
I saw the cried eyes swollen and bruised
Of those who were my victims and beaten
I saw their futile and destroyed lives
By my great lies in the induced files
That s how we caught the revolution in a country 2
The past does not matter we counted on us 2
Me and Mommy and how we grow up on you two
Still without honest work but with mud you knew
The revolution has gone so slowly
I laughed so hard I was going to die
It was a new air I was about to fly
Nights with the girls I was making a lie
It did not took a long time to get repartition
From the boys suspected of extinction
Where do you think dear children no sorry
Well as guardian at the penitentiary
I was a master in dealing with files
And even the biggest one I bet in lies
I even had a great premonition
I will be working on files in another condition
Same good relationships with boys
With blue eyes index at CV and gun toys
I transferred mummy that was a porter
Directly to the district court as Schreiber
Did not pass 3 years in drunkenness and despair
For I have heard at some VIP of repair
Our new free country 3 with no badges
Quick needed from evening to morning
Attorneys prosecutors and judges
And that our overpowering protector
When he appeared the Sun shines
Enroll us at law faculty without exams
Without a building without a rector
No frequency Monday Wednesday and Friday
In the village at the girls high school on the iron way
After World War 2 was place for disco dance day
We earned plenty of money well paid
Seeing how the things run we said
Wife enroll at night studies don t stay in vane dear
I enroll immediately directly in the second year
Said and done, we both arrived in 3 years
The new real people we are made from bears
Attorneys and I brave chief of the penitentiary
By presidential decree but not quite really
More by good references from the files
Mommy did not remain a simple lawyer
Far too much of what she once was Tom Sawyer
But your dad as you well see in this wine
After a year of drunks women and brine
I was enrolled by them at the magistracy
In two years became prosecutor for not believers
And Mommy from hardworking seller at dispensers
Became as good as me she became a judge
And now we are working both with files again
We are in the top of the present society
And serve both gangs and aristocracy
I false into files and she gives sentences
With no fear of God and without any creation
We have golden phones with diamonds
We have each expensive cars of last generation
When she does not know what sentence to give
I m sending it her on WhatsApp written primitive
When I do not know what lies pour in files
She send me them on Skype as files
She pour lies into files I give sentences
A new country 3 we build without brave
For they have given us everything we have
And for them poison we will drink
As long as they give us everything
To be us good and after us fight ring
What is a country 3 what is the law
Words empty in 1 inert concept now
We all 4 got to live good protected by hell gun
The rest we will see in our country Bandustan


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