I will touch you deep in silence
Hard and soft with noilence
Must feel no regrets no offence
We made love in our residence
I touch you all days and nights
All evening to morning sun shines
Our love we kept all nights brights
We hear the noise we see star lights
We hear the silence of our lives
You promise me big love not lies
And that you lift me among the skies
Where flying birds write our names
Touch you anywhere you want so much
You never been so graceful and such
Lovely from one man woman branch
You are old select wine often scotch
Create night’s melodies like a piano
With virtuous wild refrains allegro
Playing great dances under cover
Showing me all shapes discovered
With their white wings everywhere
There are no regrets we lost despair
Our deep love made us happiest pair
We fly faster than plane blue air
Same noise your scream in the air
Thousands of stars saw in your hair
Same silence after love affair
Hundreds touches embrace on chair
Even I am your fist love and the last
All things surround us have blast
Our broken windows could not last
Touching and kissing you is a must
Told me you recuperate time lost
When you only wrote me by post
When your body and heart were frost
When you loved me in mind almost
You are so happy to be me deep in you
I must love you all day what can I do
I have touch every place you want to
Start all over again with ice too
This I love more to touch you with ice
I feel your body temperature rise
I feel your nipples hard and big size
I feel your wet tongue set on first prize
You show me loud and proud sex toys
Attention I am not one of your boys
According your large smile like always
You are very close from the big noise
No chance for me there is no choice
Event my effort to give you first chance
I finished first see your disgrace
Same you would do being my place
My love africanized bee mixed race
Your poison for me is too strong
Was better when we chat on that blog
Was space and time between us
To love me you had to fly by the bus
And I had time search other young bees
To make them mad on my knees
With no protection and no other fees
And eat their honey and milk in peace
I feel love from you mixed with violence
I hear only 120 dB noises then penitence
I see your blessed smile in deep silence
Both have now a life in magic noilence


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