Hi again I am the character Accuse the spy
I m your man from security my lovely enemy
Have yet a thousand eyes and ears on you
People are in chain and have nothing to do
Today in Tortionaria still give the tone you don t want
In abusive investigations incompetent pigs and gangs
I changed a little hairstyle with spit and fresh mobs
I have pink contact lenses you really need or crowds
I have good informants bloody interlopers and the gods
I also have my prosecutors judges and police officers
They signed up with me in book at the security office
For as I want happened when they will do justice
They have signed commitments and justice falls
I also gave them patriotic security officer ranks
I know you are amazed my dear you knew me prosecutor
That is why I lead and laughing at human society in horror
I have companies and money in virgin archipelagos but also in obor
And newer what to say at the monastery I am grand general major
And in my spare spy time I play jokes with files as a prosecutor
With my wife who has majors of security in court as registrars
We advanced no longer giving skype and whatsapp sentences
We are now working total digitalized legally
Communicating and condemning securely
Whoever we want from Tortionaria as I showed you
And then no one responds if is a mistake or not true
We have our secret laws and mafia also have protocols
Equally secret all but profoundly illegal and criminals
In order to always put who we want in the jail
Poor victims of justice without a legal true trail
For the sake of our high secret benefactors
We can safely escape anybody from prisons
I have to do public services in high level files
I changed the ministers like the socks on feets
We have changed the hundreds of prosecutors
And arested inocent people dozens of judges
I changed the laws of justice we have no regret în our minds
I shoot those bodies and the wrongfully convicted defendants
There were no bosses to punch me in the chest
I go safe without emotions I know what to expect
I was just a poor boy before the law school
Now I m deadly big fish in the swimming pool
There was no one like me in Tortionaria anymore
Neither the wife from the dispenser in that store
She advanced on her files where the money are sweet
Little work at the grocery store after the security meet
There is no higher court house in my beautiful country
My convicted with smartphone hide others felony
They haven t even heard of me blaming the system
Just don t be a sucker don t accept own requiem
As in the story of the sheep and the wolf kill them
I m the new God of secret justice based on protocols
And the orange I planted made thousands of oranges
To get on with me you have to be strong hinges
Otherwise you get minced meat for the pizzas
I m the eminent gray mafia in the local elections
Already appointed on time and for the general ones
I hardly sabotaged the new and clean laws of justice
What it would be at time of retirement or disappearance
To find me guilty of a ancient crime an elf of the justice
To answer criminally after the fingerprints or the tooth
That I buried last year four missing in a mafioso cutout
About three high officials under the rails on the subway
Some honest politicians heads to the tram at the depot
I deleted the traces professionally I just wasn t bull
But I m afraid tomorrow for my career I m not fool
My wife s just like you is afraid strong as hell
That we re going to starve all four of us again
The expensive cars and the palace will be taken by some
Not that I would be of any great value but like everyone
I did as I could without being violent procurer
Not hurting my victims who screamed louder
Had socks pierced with broken shoes on my feet
I had no money for mountain and sea holidays
I did not have money possibilities of faculties
Our lives have been a continuous compromise
With crime basic lies something indescribable
Not in vain did my colleagues joke they told me
My filth has turned me into an outlaw also she
But what could I do to make a golfer a poor employee
I also participated in an armed robbery with policemen
To get her children involved in the crime I got involved
I asked for life sentences and my judges approved me
The accusation always cares for me and the obtuse wife
Already our old time games are not fun anymore
Take care of me and her as no one accuses us or
As they were some of you buried in the ground
Ten and six years ago at the stadium in the lawn
Accuse my land Tortionaria is in other books and influencers
With sinister stories invented far away and other dementias
You do the duty of a faithful orc and execute debts
From all who command you but also from other rags
Accuse me of being humble you will never rule here
Be servant submissive as a chocolate give me your pin
By people responsible for making the country clean
We never want hear here about local entrepreneurs
With you your family will be fine we have other plans
Don t leave your eyes look at me in the eyes take care
In Tortionaria you must to arrest all we want in despair
To close their hospitals schools shops and affairs
Look rich is your country we built malls everywhere
We find all that is needed here not hidden from you
Forests good to cut and many oil and gases wells
So we must end all this corruption in disjunctions
And we will modernize Tortionaria and the forests
And we will bore wells in the unused oil and gases
We are not interested in your guiltiness or innocents
Let s find everything cheap and hungry work people
On one side fill the jails again with another outside
Scholars children of Tortionaria good men and women
Humble foundry Accuse we raised you don t use a pen
From a bad peasant I made you a great man of state
You got rid of the wagons in the train station and late
You have two huge salaries you never expect
Don t disappoint us informer spy Accuse don t even think
We will find you whenever you are on this blue Earth
If you betray us better you stick the ball in the ass
In this life of nothing the great rules are made by us


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