Nothing more...

I`ll close my eyes and when the night will fall
Your sun won't linger in my soul
I`ll see a star, a cold shade of the moon
But it will be a spellbind, nothing more

Tomorrow wind will blow you hair
And I will feel only its chill
I`ll sense the quiver of your body
While we`ll commit another sin

I`d curse the second I have met you
For we were only meant apart
How many times will I stand up
For I am sick of falling down

One single breath will be enough for me
One chance of love, how much is it to ask?
A look, that`ll tremble my life strings
A one sole gasp, a bloody gasp!

My eyes have never seen before
But now they`ve watched you in midair
And as you`ve brought them divine light
Please, close them, do nothing more.

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  • Avatar of Black_dahliade Black_dahlia

    Amazing lyrics , it could easily stand for a song(unless that was the initial intention).
    I like the direction of your thoughts and the depth of their meaning.
    The ending verse is killer!
    It has been long since i have read a poem (in english) that has great quality as this one.^_^

    Well done mate!

  • Avatar of MiniMaxde MiniMax

    Thank you extremely much. It`s very pleasing to hear such nice words of appreciation. Really thx, very much and thx for calling me mate...., mate :)

  • Avatar of Black_dahliade Black_dahlia

    You are very welcome, but don't thank me too much : you deserve it.
    I will be waiting for other thrilling poems as the present one....,mate ;)

  • Avatar of star77de star77

    Good job done, indeed! A piece of advice: never use future after "after"! I mean after when, while... and so on (time clauses). And the sequence "a one sole gasp" seems to be a direct translation from Romanian: o unica... the right version: " a single sole gasp". Success!

  • Avatar of star77de star77

    sorry: "a single/sole gasp"

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