Turkey Breeze

The blind wind moves back and forth
Showing us the direction of north
The lips look hollow as a begger strays
From pavement to pavement
Counting the days
Till the breeze will stop
Till the pavement will feel warm not cool
Till then more begging arises in his mind
Till then the breeze still flys extremely high

4 Comentarii

  • de MickyMouse

    Ha Ha ... i can see nobody really likes it. Well maybe no one feels like reading it.... lots to think about these days. oH aND BY THE WAY the tittle should be canadian breeze.... minor typing error... sorry ...

  • Avatar of fenixonude fenixonu


  • de MickyMouse

    umm.. yepp.. direction.. you got it...

  • Avatar of RicaLovede RicaLove

    i like it........bzzzzz

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