In the madness of the city
in my back I see the dark sunset of my soul
I still numb and I can’t move
I see my hand shivering
With hurried step I submit toward people
Among them I lie in iron coffin
The nails press me on the unconscious
I get up and walk slowly and carefully
After my remain uncontrolled complaineds
On wet and cold path I pass without sense before
In front of me I see only black
I stop and fall down
I am on the edge of a precipice
I close my eyes and throw...
I’m fall! Fall! Fall down !

4 Comentarii

  • Avatar of fenixonude fenixonu

    In my back...

  • de MickyMouse

    Wow... very deep poem. Truthfully, it tells alot about you. Try using different and more discriptive words...

  • Avatar of Unlimitedde Unlimited

    Thank you. Really it was about me, i'm riting what i feel in thah moment. I'll use it of course.

  • Avatar of RicaLovede RicaLove

    me too..feelings in my & your poEtry are REaalllllll

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