To be continuee.....

no,i do not need my your or our pain
why?,,,cause it's all in vain..psss.... goD's name..
yes,for him it is my shame..
feelings?because i am blessed?
searching for answers and taking questions..
troubles without any success?
i am in a way to destroy that stress..
How??..u'll gonna yourself or them..
surely..i am gonna loose myself
this pain is ME..including you and them too..!!
to be continuee.....

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  • Avatar of Unlimitedde Unlimited

    U're real pain for him, he must take care, 'couse the pain is destroyer.

  • Avatar of Ioana_Bondarencude Ioana_Bondarencu

    incredibila poezei,dar ai grija dca continui sa scrii in engleza sau in orice alta limba inafara de ROMANA administratorul iti poate bloca contul de pe site.Unui prieten i s-a intamplat.

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