Change my Eyes
because i'm BlinD
can not Do all this AlOne..
Change my LoVE
because i'm died
can not trust her anymore..
Change my MinD
because i'm Wise
can not help it what's it for?
Change my Spirit
because i'm faithul
God will know why i am SO bored..
But Stoop..Stoop changing..all my Faith
Look into my "ME"
and My eYes Will speak a language
The God's words through my tongue
u will hear it's voice alOne
U will see my magic stOne-a heart,a beat ..none..

3 Comentarii

  • de Anatolie

    Îmi pare foarte rău că nu cunosc limba.

  • Avatar of Unlimitedde Unlimited

    "Change my LoVE
    because i'm died
    can not trust her anymore.." I like very much this expresion
    You use some impressive phrases that make the poetry more expresive.

  • Avatar of Unlimitedde Unlimited

    Great Job !

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